About Heavenly Brows - Jodie Orr

About Heavenly Brows


Meet Jodie Orr, Heavenly Brows High Definition Brow Master Stylist & Semi-Permanent Makeup

Since training with HD Brows back in March 2010 I have become obsessed with all things eyebrow related (just ask my poor boyfriend)…

Eyebrows have certainly come well and truly back into fashion, gone are the days of over-tweezed brows being the normality. Everyone today wants to sport fuller, more natural-looking brows. With more and more people entrusting the care of their brows to a HD Brows trained professional.

There are so many eyebrow tastes and styles that appeal to a multitude of different people. I prefer to follow the fuller, softer, more natural-look wherever possible, because I prefer that look myself. I think that eyebrows should be balanced and go un-noticed, just complimenting ones features.

As far as I can see, you can always make your eyebrows more dramatic with makeup for a night out for example if you so desire. If the underlying eyebrow shape is flattering for your features then you can’t go far wrong.

The HD Brow process is a 7 step procedure in order to either tame the wild brow, but it can also be used to as a brow training program – a brow-rehab if you will.

I attended HD Brows HQ in October 2014 where I received training for Master HD Brow Technician status.

Permanent Makeup Training…

I was starting to notice a few clients that wanted a natural-looking brow, but had areas of their brows that that they were really struggling to grow in.

In some cases this was due to over-zealous tweezing in the past, scars from childhood accidents or just being generally asymmetrical in the brow department.

I really wanted to find a way to help my brow-challenged clients to wake up with their perfect brows each morning.

I had always wanted to train in semi-permanent makeup for brows, eyeliner and lips and I decided to commence my training in late 2013 with Tarryn Vice at Finishing Touches.


Training & Qualifications

March 2010 – HD Brows Stylist Class with Nilam Patel and Team

October 2013 – Semi-Permanent Makeup Diploma Course with Finishing Touches and Tarryn Vice

January 2014 – Eyebrow Masterclass in Hollywood, Los Angeles – 3 day training with Master Technicians Mary Ritcherson, Anna Savina and Natalyia Yeremenko

October 2014 – HD Brow Master Stylist Class

January 2015 – 1 day Masterclass for Hairstroke Eyebrows with Lara Johnson

February 2015 – 2 day Lip & Eyeliner Workshops at Finishing Touches with Susie Bavister and Tonya Brown

April 2015 – 1 day Eyebrow Workshop at Finishing Touches with Susie Bavister and Tonya Brown

June 2015 – 1 day LI Pigments Colour Conversion Class with Naomi Waite

August 2015 – webinar interactive class with Alina Soloveva relating to Hairstroke Eyebrows

October 2015 – webinar interactive class with Alina Soloveva and Inna Fomenko relating to Eyebrow and Lip Shading Techniques

February 2016 – 1 day 1-1 training class with Theresa Wild re Hairstroke Eyebrows and Shading techniques

April 2016 – 1 day Brow Perfecting class With Nouveau Beauty Group, London

July 2016 – 1 day Colour Correction & Removal class with Nouveau Beauty Group, London

August 2016 – 1 day refresher training at High Definition Brows, Milton Keynes

September 2016 – 1 day Masterclass Ombre Brow Technique for Semi-Permanent Makeup with Rusen Donmez, London

November 2016 – webinar class with Will Anthony – Stretchniques (Stretching Techniques for Permanent Makeup)

January 2017 – webinar interactive class with Teryn Darling – The Science of Pigments, Eyebrow Colours, Identifying Skin Undertones and Colour Corrections

October 2017 – All About Eyebrows – online interactive class with Anna Dixon

November 2017- Permanent Makeup Dots Technique – online interactive class with Anna Dixon

April 2018 – ACT Fast Course including First Aid Training

May 2018 – HD Brow Master Stylist updated training, Purley

November 2018 – started HD Brow Microblading Level 4 training, Purley

December 2018 – KB Pro Digital Brows Level 4 qualifiation gained

December 2018 – 2 day 1-1 training with Scott Triggs – advanced permanenent makeup ombre/pixel brows and kohl/smokey eyeliner

December 2018 – Henna Brow course with Karolina Finowska, Brow Henna

Feb 2019 – ongoing monthly online training with PMU link – permanent makeup techniques

Feb 2019 – online permanent makeup course – Wings and Wedges, with Teryn Darling and Amber Guthrey

March 2019 – 1 day 1-1 training with Scott Triggs – advanced permanent makeup for lips

March 2019 – LVL (Lash Lift and Volume) course, Purley

March 2019 – online permanent makeup course – Come Draw With Mary Ritcherson, hairstroke eyebrows

August 2019 – online permanent makeup course – Infinity Powder Brows with Shay Danielle

August 2019 – online learning – Henna Brow Techniques with Amy Dommett

September 2019 – Brow Lamination with Beeches Beauty Academy, Surrey


Meet Rebecca Heasman, Heavenly Brows High Definition Brow Stylist

Rebecca Heasman High Definition Brow Stylist at Heavenly Brows

Heavenly Brows is excited to welcome Rebecca to the team…

Rebecca qualified as a High Definition Brow stylist in September 2016 at the Milton Keynes training centre.

Rebecca previously had a background in beauty, hair and makeup and has taken to the High Definition Brow treatments like a natural.

Rebecca is working with Heavenly Brows on a part-time basis.

September 2016 – High Definition Stylist qualification gained in Milton Keynes

December 2017 – Individual Eyelash Extensions qualification gained with Flirties in Essex

Match 2019 – LVL (Lash Lift and Volume) course, Purley

September 2019 – Brow Lamination with Beeches Beauty Academy, Surrey