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High Definition Brows – 7 Steps to the perfect brow

The Secrets Out!

Your initial appointment will be priced at £36.

All of your subsequent appointments will be priced at £30.

Price list can be found HERE…

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If you’d like to know a bit more about the High Definition Brow treatment procss, please watch the following promotional film…


Introducing the must have celebrity brow treatment that anyone can have.

High Defnintion Brows is a high-precision procedure that transforms even the most over-tweezed brow into its perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features.

Whoever you are, whatever the state of your eyebrows, HD Brows puts celebrity beauty within your reach.

Based on the ancient art of threading, the treatment consists of seven unique procedures that are performed by highly trained, and skilled HD Brow stylists.

This isn’t just shaping and tidying – HD Brows is eyebrow artistry.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to get those perfectly formed eyebrows?

The secret is HD Brows – the treatment that defines your natural beauty through a unique and revolutionary seven-step high definition process.


HD Brows is a 7 step process…

Assessing your face shape, natural colouring and natural brows to determine the best result for you.

Some clients can achieve the perfect HD Brow shape on the first visit, whilst others may need a few treatments and be advised to grow in more eyebrow hairs to get the best results.

HD Brows can be thick or thin, dark or lighter, angular or soft – as we all start from a different point, we all get a slightly different result- the aim is to give you the perfect shape for YOU.

Tinting of all brow hairs, including some of the ‘fluffy’ ones around the brows so that we have the maximum to work with to get the best shape for you. This tint is a special, high pigment tint to give longer lasting results than traditional tints. We mix the tint according to your present colouring and desired finished result.

Waxing both above and below the brows using the HD Brow guidelines to achieve the famous HD shape – but tailored to best suit you.

Threading of the ‘fluffy’ hairs surrounding the brows to blend into the hairline.

Tweezing to perfectly fine tune your shape.

Trimming of any long hairs so that all of your brow hairs lie perfectly in their newly defined shape.

Aftercare – some clients will need a small amount of eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in any gaps whilst we encourage regrowth of any previously over-plucked areas. HD brows have their own specially tailored brow makeup range.

There are a number of different options available to maintain your HD Brows post procedure see Aftercare Products.

It is best to come initially with at least 4 weeks growth, this enables me to fully assess the shape that we can achieve. Ideally 6 weeks would be even better if you can!

For home maintenance between HD Brow appointments I ask that you try your best not to tweeze, this ensures that we get to the best shape for you more quickly at your appointments. You will also find that once you are in a proper brow program, that your brows will stay neater for longer – if you can imagine, when all of the hairs are removed at the same time then they will all grow through at the same time together. A person that tweezes every day/week will be stuck in this pattern because the hairs will constantly be growing at different rates depending on when they were removed initially.

Because HD Brows involves tinting as one of the steps, I would need you to carry out a special HD Brows skin patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment. It’s really simple, and I can send this out to you in the post when you book your initial appointment.
If you feel that you may be sensitive to waxing products, then it would probably be a good idea to have a wax sensitivity test too. You will need to arrange an appointment to come to see Jodie for the wax patch test.

For further information on products used in treatments and the treatment process: https://hdbrows.com/.


See below for examples of High Definition Brow transformations…