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Brow shaping for men

Brow shaping for men

Eyebrow shaping is a great way for men to get a groomed, natural look, without the eyebrows appearing too feminine. Here at Heavenly Brows we offer a completely bespoke service, which gives you total control over the finished result. In order to produce a natural look we will:

Pre-process for men’s eyebrow shaping

• Fully consult clients before we start any of the process
• The client is involved at every step of the initial brow design process
• Omit or scale back the tinting phase

During the process for men’s eyebrow shaping

• Shaping will be left less-defined to achieve a ‘my brows just grew this way’ look
• Trimming the brows can help to tame more bushy-looking brows
• Final make up stage can be skipped, depending on preference

The great thing about men’s eyebrow shaping is that they can be completely crafted to suit the individual’s tastes and style. So results can vary depending on clients request from tidy up to highly defined.

If you would like to find out more about our services please contact us by using the link.

HD Brows for men

Eyebrow shaping for men before & after