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HD Brows – Aftercare Products

All of the official HD Brow products listed below are available to purchase directly from Jodie at Heavenly Brows…

Brow Crème £18.50

Introducing our NEW Brow Crèmes. This versatile crème is perfect for creating budge-proof hair strokes through the brow for a natural look or to outline and fill the brow for a stronger, more defined finish. Applies like a cream but dries matte like a powder – this long-lasting Brow Crème will keep your brows looking flawless all day and night long.

Featuring an innovative catch net ensuring not too much product is used, making it last longer than ever.

Available in three shades
Bombshell: perfect for fair hair and skin
Foxy: perfect for medium hair and skin
Vamp: perfect for dark hair and skin

How to use

Take a small amount from the pot with the Fine Angled Brow Brush and smooth on the back of your hand – smoothing the brush to create a fine sharp edge. Apply in faint hair strokes to recreate the look of hair.


Browtec £19.50

Our High Definition Browtec was named in Vogue Magazine as one of the 10 best eyebrow pencils of 2016. An ultra-slim, retractable twist-up brow pencil, our innovative pencil is available in our 3 signature shades (Bombshell for blondes, Foxy for midtones and Vamp for brunettes) and offers a non oily formula with a blend of waxes to make it long lasting on the skin. With a super-thin tip delivering fool-proof application, hair strokes can be mimicked cleanly and accurately while the brow spoolie brush lets you place brow hairs in to perfect shape.

How to use

Use the spoolie brush to move hairs out of place, then add hair strokes using the pencil tip through sparse areas of the brow. Place hairs back into place with the spoolie brush.

Brow Define £18

The brow pencil everyone should own. Our High Definition Brow Define is a trusty all-rounder to fill, define, blend, and shape brows to perfection. Long-lasting and smudge-proof thanks to a special blend of waxes, the formula is soft in texture with a powdery finish making application super easy. Features a built-in sharpener for sharpening on the go, and is available in our 3 signature shades (Bombshell for blondes, Foxy for midtones and Vamp for Brunettes).

How to use

Use the sharpener provided to create a fine pointed tip, then lightly fill in gaps throughout the brow – mimicking hairstrokes and feathering lightly towards the bulb.

HD Eye & Brow Palette £30

Our best-selling Eye&Brow Palette is the ultimate kit for brow lovers. Featuring two highly pigmented brow shades and a highlighter to lift the brow arch, these silicone rich powders can also be used as beautifully blendable eyeshadows with a carbon black shade also included to line the eyes. Silky smooth textures – enriched with antioxidant vitamins C and E – make the powders easy to blend while the Brow Wax keeps brows set in place all day long. Comes complete with dual-sided eye and brow brush.

How to use

Apply and blend the brows shades using the Fine Angled Brow Brush to create definition and depth to the brow before adding the Brow Wax to set the shape in place. Use the brow shades around the eyes as a shadow, while the carbon-black shade can be applied along the lash line to create a perfect defined line, or mix with the Brow Wax to create a wet look liner.

Brow Colourfix £22

Our High Definition Brow Colourfix is a brush-on tinted brow gel that grooms and slicks brows into shape with a hint of colour without flaking or stiffening the hair. Available in our 3 signature shades (Bombshell for blondes, Foxy for midtones and Vamp for brunettes), our silky gel formula is enriched with vitamin E to provide antioxidant properties and is the perfect product for adding volume and colour to brow hairs. Also great for male grooming to cover greys and uniform beard hairs.

How to use

Use on its own or over your favourite brow product to set brows in to perfect shape or to brush brows up for a textured look. The perfect product for those who aren’t able to tint brows due to allergy.

Brow Beater £15

Our High Definition Brow Beater is a brush on, lightweight and non sticky setting gel – perfectly translucent to simply tame unruly brows while keeping them conditioned all day. Used regularly, it can train brow hairs into their correct position over time – we like to call it a hairspray for brows!

How to use

Apply with the applicator over any pencil or powder to set brows in to their perfect place. Brush brow hairs up to create an on-trend texture brow look.

Brow Highlighter £16.50

Our new wonder product that lifts and enhances brows. This Brow Highlighter is super-creamy and blendable with a high colour pay off. Universal shade suits all skin tones. Add to the waterline to create a fresh wide-eyed look.

How to use

Draw on a fine line under the brow and blend downwards with a suitable brush such as our Angled Brow Brush, or Brow Highlighter Brush. Follow the same steps to the top of the brow blending upwards for a super-defined look.

Lash & Brow Booster £39.50

Previously known as ‘Grow Baby Grow’, our High Definition Lash & Brow Booster is a hair growth serum with proven results. Enriched with hard working ingredients including a hair growth stimulant proven to target the main causes of alopecia; our potent formula promotes hair bulb keratinocyte proliferation and optimal hair anchorage – helping to extend the life cyle of hairs and encouraging length and volume.

How to use

Using the applicator wand, apply the Lash & Brow Booster to eyebrows and eyelashes before sleeping. Can also be used in the morning before make up as a primer.

Brow Highlighter Brush £13

The perfect tool to blend any highlight under the brow to give them added definition. Super-soft and super-fine flat topped bristles make blending easy and precise.The perfect brush to use with our Brow Highlighter to give your brows added definition.

How to use

Resting the brush under the brows, pull down is short sharp motions to blend your highlight in to the brow bone. Use to blend highlighter around the lips to give a professional finish to a bold lip look.

Fine Angled Brow Brush £13

The High Definition Fine Angled Brow Brush is perfect for creating ultra-fine hair strokes through the brow or to apply to gel eyeliners the firm brush creates ultra-fine lines.

How to use

Apply powder through the brows or along the lash line for an ultra-crisp and precise finish.This brush has softer/thinner bristles than the Angled Brow Brush

Angled Brow Brush £13

Our High Definition Angled Brow Brush is perfect for defining eyes and brows with it’s slim line bristles. And natural fibers firm enough to create precise line whilst remaining gentle on the skin.

How to use

Ideal to apply powders through the brows or along the lash line for a clean crisp finish.This brush has coarser/fatter bristles than the Fine Angled Brow Brush

Brow Wax £12.50

Translucent brow wax as featured in our award-winning Eye & Brow Palette. Use to set brows in perfect place or to brush brows up for a textured look. Enriched with Argan Oil, proven to make hair softer, silkier and shiner and castor oil and retintyl palmitate to promote hair growth.

How to use

Apply with the Angled Brow Brush, setting brow hairs in the desired place. For an on trend look, brush hairs upwards to create a textured finish.

Pro Pencil Shaper £7

The tool used to sharpen your High Definition Pro Pencil – you can’t have one without the other! Specially designed with a super-sharp angled blade, the Pro Shaper sharpens the Pro Pencil to the perfect tip so you can create ultra-fine hair looking strokes through the brow.

*This item is not for sale to people under the age of 18. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or older. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately.

How to use

Pull string down to expose the Pro Pencil lead. Rest on your forefinger and use the Pro Shaper to shave the lead on both sides into a super fine tip resembling a flat head screwdriver. Use the super-fine tip to recreate hair stokes through the brow to give a full yet natural look. Apply more pressure to release more colour and density.