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HD Brows Light Hair

HD Brows For Blonde Or Light Brown Hair & Redheads

It’s perfectly natural to be apprehensive about the shade of your HD brows, particularly when you have light hair.

Here at Heavenly Brows our approach is designed to give you total control and confidence over your look. A great level of care and detail is considered to achieve results that our clients with light hair will love.

Pre-process for blonde of light HD brows

* Fully consult clients before we start any of the process

* The client is involved at every step of the initial brow design process

* We NEVER use black tint on light and blonde hair types

During the process

* Tinting is always built up in stages, and we always err on the side of caution. Tint can be removed and reapplied to build up the colour gradually

* Clients will be shown in the mirror each time the tint is removed. This process can be repeated until the desired intensity is reached

* We always note the colours used, and duration of tinting

Tinting can make an amazing difference to naturally pale eyebrow hairs because non-evident pale hairs will be shown up after the tinting process. If you would like to find out more about our services please contact us at using this link.