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Over Plucked HD Brows

HD Brows For Over Plucked Eyebrows

Over plucked eyebrows is a common problem HD Brows can help overcome. It may be that you have got over-zealous, not got the shape you wanted or just fancy a change.
In order to achieve your perfect look Heavenly Brows goes through the following processes:

Over Plucked Eyebrows HD Brows Process

• Fully consultant clients before we start any of the process
• Put on a regrow program tailored specifically to you
• Makeup available to support regrowth plan
• Over just four to six weeks the HD brow shape will get nearer your desired shape

It is important that the eyebrows are left completely alone over this period, then through each session the shape you want will be gradually achieved. Over the period of sessions gaps can be filled using make up from the HD brow range, recommendations and demonstrations of the range can be arranged.

Over Plucked Eyebrows Before & After













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