HD Brows For Thin Or Sparce Eyebrows - Brighton & Hove

HD Brows For Sparse Eyebrows

HD Brows For Thin Or Sparse Eyebrows

If you have thin or sparse eyebrows, HD Brows are perfect to give you a fuller look. Here at Heavenly Brows we make the most out of your eyebrows by:

Thin or sparse HD Brows Process

• Fully consultant clients before we start any of the process
• Tinting the eyebrow and surrounding fluffy hairs. This enables us to use every hair possible in the finished shape
• HD brow lash and brow booster applied to support a regrow program. This lash & brow conditioning solution is enriched with active ingredients known to help enhance length and volume.

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HD Brows for thin or space brows

Thin or sparse brows before and after